Advani Custom Tailors was established in 1983, with years of experience from founder Kumar Advani starting in the industry back in 1963. Kumar has travelled the world delivering an exceptional experience and confidence with custom clothing. With the understanding that it’s not just about the quality of materials that clients ultimately enjoy, but rather the confidence and positive emotions that’s felt by the wearer of Advani Custom Tailors Clothing – the Company has stood the test of time to serve men & women in business, wedding events, and formal occasions who want to look their best.


I have a passion for seeing people dressed smartly, whether in formal or casual settings. I am equally passionate about advising people how to ‘Dress for Success’ at their workplace. After sales service for me is a continuous reach for excellence. There’s a feeling of great confidence, happiness, as well as the comfort you get when you wear something that is custom made. A feeling you can’t get from off the rack! When I can empower this feeling unto others, it is an extremely satisfying experience.


Do you want to look great?
Detailed attention is given to your hand tailored garment, be it a single shirt or a complete wardrobe.

Why buy off-the-rack when you can buy bespoke?
The Affordable Elegance of our bespoke tailoring can be yours for no more than the cost of an off-the-rack suit or shirt with the added bonus of looking and feeling great.

Do you have a personal tailor?
Advani Tailors visits each major city several times a year and for your convenience brings you the latest range of fabrics to select in the privacy of a hotel suite. We keep careful record of your size and styles for 10 years, and update them each time you place an order.

100% satisfaction guaranteed
During our 35 years of tailoring experience we have fitted and served thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.