Jacket Recommendations

The Short Guy

Lengthen your silhouette by wearing a one-button jacket with natural shoulders. A deep V will give length to your torso and the impression that you’re taller.

The Big & Tall Guy

A close-fitting three-button suit has the shortest V of all, widening and shortening the torso. Remember to fasten only the middle button-the effect will remain.

The Skinny Guy

A double-breasted jacket gives more width; the button stance and the extra cloth add bulk. Ensure the jacket fits well around the waist; too much loose cloth will make your look skinnier.

The Broad Guy

A two-button jacket gives a similar slimming effect as a one-button jacket, with a deep V between the lapels to lengthen the torso. Keep the fit snug to avoid excess cloth, which can add bulk.

Button Codes

Shirt Tips

Tip at The Waist

The point should just touch the waistband of your suit trousers, assuming, of course, that your waistband is properly on or just above your hipbone.

Dimple in The Middle

Just one dimple. In the middle, secured with a pinch. Edges that are curled forward are sloppy. Practice until it’s right.

Tie It Tight

When tied, the knot should sit high under the collar, so that practically no material can be seen above the knot between the collar edges.

The Tie Clip

Designed to keep your tie in place, the tie clip should slide in from the wearer’s right to grip both the tie and the placket of your shirt around the middle of the tie.

Know Your Neck Size

The collar fits when you can just slip your index and middle fingers side by side snugly between your collar and neck. Any tighter and you risk discomfort.

Stick Letters Here

Stick a monogram anywhere you like. The most classic location is directly below the middle of the breast pocket. Visible but not obtrusive.

Glossary of Shirt Terms

Collar Stays
Strips of plastic inserted under the shirt collar to give the collar points body.

A type of shirt cotton that employs a thick and a thin thread in the weave, giving a textured look, as used in the classic Brooks Brothers button-down.

The strengthening strip of cloth running from collar to hem of a shirt that includes the buttonholes.

Single-Needle Stitching
Process whereby a single row of stitches is used on shirt side seams at a time-two passes are necessary for each side seam-rather than cheaper, inferior double-needle stitching.

Two cotton threads twisted together into a yarn to make a dense, luxurious shirting.

Collar Options

Problems Often Seen On Mens Jackets

Upward folds because of customer square shoulder

Downward folds on back because of customers sloping shoulders

Horizontal folds under back collar because of neckline too small

Back collar looks far away from neck because neckline too big

Too tight at back may because of big scapular or hunchback.

Folds on biceps