Sometimes mens suits are just not appropriate for your event or gathering. You may need something a little more special. Advani Tailors also provides mens tuxedos for the real special events of your life. Gentlemen know the best time to find a mens tuxedo is not the week before the event. When you own your own custom fitted tux, you can look forward to special occasions without concern about how you will look, or whether the shop gets the measurements right. Plan ahead and you will look better and feel more confident. That’s why a custom tailored mens tuxedo is one of the best investments a gentleman can own.

Advani Tailors tuxedos are fully custom and individually hand-cut to fit you perfectly. Each one is cut on individual paper patterns, based on 35 of your exact measurements. As a final assurance of quality, each garment is carefully checked by our master tailors prior to approval for delivery.


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  • 100% tailored for you unique
  • Confidence
  • Perfect Fit


I have been very impressed by the quality of every suit, jacket and shirt made for me by Advani Custom Tailors. Over many years, Kumar Advani has ensured that the material, style and cut of each garment is perfectly matched to my shape and personality. It is a great feeling to know that you will always look and feel good.


- Derek Robson AM
RSL National Secretary

My clothing arrived in excellent condition and the fit is perfect. As you know this was my first ever tailor made adventure and it could not have worked out Better. I absolutely love the suit, the jacket and the shirts and looking forward to wearing them. Please let me know when you are coming to Hobart again as I would like you to make a suit for my wife and I have another friend who would like to order too. Once again thank you for a great job.


- Robert Heazlewood
Executive Director, Brand Tasmania Council Inc.

Kumar Advani's custom tailoring service is exemplary. Be it business suits or blouses, evening wear or casual wear, the clothes are beautifully cut, fit perfectly and supremely comfortable. My experience of Advani Tailoring services goes back twenty years.


- Maureen Cane

I have been a customer of Advani Custom Tailors since 30 years. That alone speaks volumes about the satisfaction I have invariably experienced. The suits and shirts last for many years, testifying as to the quality of fabrics employed and to the fine craftsmanship which is applied with consummate skill. I have always found Kumar to be highly professional in promoting his wares, and the orders are delivered within a matter of few short weeks.


- George Brzostowski QC
Blackburn Chambers

"What we wear is communication, and just as we choose our words to link with our audience, so we choose our clothes. When my audience expects something that is cut for the occasion, measured to induce a thoughtful response from them, and which requires an overall sense of wellness, then Kumar Advani's works are what I take from the wardrobe."


- Hugh Selby - Advocacy and Witness trainer
Legal workshop ANU