Several times a year, Kumar Advani visits the capital cities of Australia and New Zealand to provide personal fittings for Ladies and Gentlemen. We invite you to make an appointment to view our exclusive range during our next showing in your city.

We consider the design of clothing an art, and pay particular attention to detail and that's why we have established a reputation as one of the most prestigious tailors in Australia who have a permanent showroom in Canberra since 1983.

Well Suited Look is Back.......A good Bespoke Suits speaks volumes of its wearer!!

Made to measure!!!

Precise measurements ensure a proper fit regardless of the style or fabric.

By taking 35 exact measurements for every customer, including triple 3D view photographs to capture your individual posture, we ensure our skilled craftsmen can personally hand-cut and finish a garment exclusively to suit you.

Advani Custom Tailors guarantee satisfaction with every order. We request that you wear a suit at the time of being measured.