Advani Custom Made Shirts

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Our famous shirts high quality and perfect fitting shirts wil be guranteed to impress and feel great. We’re proud of our heritage and it shows in every stitch and detail. Our shirts are made to last with hundreds different fabrics to choose from. Allowing for an easy movement without feeling constricted, such as sitting and rising up or bunching in the wrong places. No matter your shape and size, we can provide either slim fitting or regular fitting options so you too can enjoy the freedom experienced in an Advani Custom made shirt.

Pricing From $149
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Bespoke Fabric From

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lora piana
vitale barberis
Kerry Knoll


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We stand behind all our work at Advani Custom Tailors. We ensure that your garment is perfect for you and take care of all alterations to make sure you’re delivered with a high quality garment that meets your needs.

We receive thousands of material samples each year and meet with various suppliers of the worlds finest materials. We then further hand select only the finest quality that meet our high standards to ensure you’re only presented with the very best options at all price points.

Our long lasting relationships with various suppliers and tailors since we’ve been in the industry for over 50 years allows us to offer the very best quality delivered from constant innovation leading to outstanding craftsmanship.

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Occasion : Business, Casual, Formal
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Fabric Types : 100% Egyptian cot, Sea Island Cot, Italian Cotton/blend, Pure Silk etc
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Fit : Slim, Relaxed, Baggy​
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Fabric styles : Plain, Stripe, Check, Patterned, Print

"Fashions fade, style is eternal."

-Yves Saint Laurent


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Common Customisations

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We can fully customise every aspect of your clothing, but here’s some common items that we customise

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4 Pocket Styles
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15 Collar Styles
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5 Cuff styles
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…and hundreds more for you to choose from


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We accept all major credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, Amex, along with direct deposit and cheque. Payment is made at the time of fitting when order is placed.

All of our custom clothing pieces generally take between 4-6 weeks from payment to delivery. On some occasions, we are able to offer a faster delivery based on time in the year. However, our clothing items are 100% bespoke & hand crafted, therefore, like all best things in life, our guaranteed high quality requires time to produce.
Our clothing is made to fit the individual, any size any style, all welcome.
Any style of garment can be custom made either from a magazine, or copied from a favourite item in your wardrobe.

We have a large selection of traditional fabrics, along with new fabrics arriving every season. Should you have a special fabric that you’re looking for in your clothing piece – we’re also happy to source either the exact same, or similar fabric to make your custom piece of clothing.

When there is a change in size, minor alterations are done locally, major change in size has to be sent back to our master tailors.
With decades of experience in this industry, and tens of thousands of happy customers, we guarantee all our work & ensure that you feel and look your best in an Advani Custom Tailors clothing piece. Your satisfaction is guaranteed & we will work with you to adjust or change your item to your satisfaction.
We recommend that you wear a well fitting shirt and pair of trousers, so we can take an accurate set of measurements. You may bring is your favourite fitting garment which helps us give you the best fit.